10 Hardest Achievements in Cookie Clicker

Achieving some of the upper-tier milestones can be quite a grind, whether it’s accumulating specific quantities of cookie-producing buildings, reaching a total number of baked cookies, or acquiring upgrades in a single ascension. According to Steam’s global gameplay stats, I’ve identified the ten most challenging achievements in the game.

10 Hardest Achievements in Cookie Clicker


Who would have thought you could synthesize cookies through a JavaScript console? I managed to achieve the Pebcakes milestone, requiring a total of 700 JavaScript Console buildings. With a completion rate of only 1.6 percent, it took some effort to scrape up the 218.649 novemdecillion cookies needed for this accomplishment. I even calculated that, with a cookies per second (CpS) of 770 trillion, it would take me approximately an hour to afford all 700 JavaScript Consoles, assuming I didn’t buy any upgrades or other buildings during that time.

pebcake achievement

Speed’s The Name Of The Game

Entering the nonsensical realm of Cookie Clicker, I reached the Speed’s The Name Of The Game achievement, demanding a total CPS of 100 septendecillion. Achieving this feat was challenging, considering the sheer amount of cookies being produced – a staggering number followed by 102 zeros. Who needs that many cookies? With only a 1.4 percent completion rate, I’m proud to be among the players who conquered this achievement.

Speed's The Name Of The Game achievement

Greener On The Other Sides

When ovens weren’t enough, and supply didn’t meet demand, I ventured into different dimensions to fish for cookies. The Greener On The Other Sides achievement required a total of 700 idleverse buildings, costing about 36.955 vigintillion. Achieving this with a 1.3 percent completion rate definitely made my cookie empire more diverse. Maybe pursuing this achievement will also help me tackle my “watch later” list on YouTube?

Greener On The Other Sides

Everyone Everywhere All At Once

Things got a bit strange as I realized cookie-producing buildings and upgrades weren’t sufficient. It was time to start cloning myself to build a cookie empire. The Everyone Everywhere All At Once achievement demanded 650 You buildings, with a final price tag of about 1.535 unvigintillion cookies. I’m considering putting name tags on my clones to avoid confusion.

Everyone Everywhere All At Once achievement

Where Is My Mind

After a day of unfathomable cookie production, I opted for a low-brainpower solution. The Where Is My Mind achievement required 700 cortex baker buildings, costing 5.851 unvigintillion cookies. Depending on my CpS, it could take me anywhere from a few hours to days or even weeks. Those cortex bakers really earned their keep.

Where Is My Mind achievement


With the office getting tight on space, I decided to invest in a few more clones. The Introspection achievement required 700 You buildings, with a total cost of about 1.663 duovigintillion cookies. Maybe having a cookie savings account wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

Introspection achievement

Oft We Mar What’s Well

Upgrades play a significant role in the game, leading to substantial boosts in CpS. The Oft We Mar What’s Well achievement demanded the purchase of 700 upgrades, and with only a one percent completion rate, it was quite a challenge. There’s no fixed time for this, but ascension perks that boost the early game and overall CpS proved immensely helpful.

Oft We Mar What's Well achievement


The difficulty ramped up significantly with the Septcentennial achievement, requiring 700 of everything – buildings and upgrades. Achieving this milestone with only a one percent completion rate meant investing in every aspect of the game. Leaving my PC on perpetually might be necessary, considering the electricity bill.

Septcentennial achievement

And A Little Extra

For those aiming for the Rainy Day Fund achievement, I salute you. Achieving this feat, completed by only 0.9 percent of players, demands baking at least 100 duovigintillion cookies in a single ascension. If you’ve resisted using an auto clicker until now, this might be the point where the temptation sets in.

And A Little Extra achievement

And A Little Extra

The pinnacle achievement, And A Little Extra, requires baking at least 1 trevigintillion cookies in a single ascension. With less than one percent of players achieving this, it’s a true test of time and patience. Keeping on top of upgrades, purchasing buildings, and clicking on in-game events will expedite the process. Ascending too early is a mistake to avoid on the path to completing this final achievement.

And A Little Extra achievement 1st

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