Exploring Sugar Lumps and Types

In the enchanting world of cookie conquest, sugar lumps are my delightful currency. These sugary treasures not only sway building productivity but also govern the rhythm of my harvest and growth cycle. Let’s embark on a journey through the diverse forms of sugar lumps, each holding its unique allure.

Exploring Sugar Lumps and Types

The Trusty Normal: My Backbone in Baking

Meet the ‘Normal’ sugar lump, my steadfast companion. It takes center stage, ripening at a default chance between 59.4% and 89.9%. When the other types are elusive, the reliable Normal sugar lump ensures a continuous flow of sweetness into my bakery, forming the backbone of my sugar economy.

Bifurcated: A Twist in the Harvest Tale

Next in line is the ‘Bifurcated’ sugar lump, adding a twist to my harvesting adventures. With a chance to yield 1-2 lumps, the odds of doubling the delight increase to 55% if I own Sucralosia Inutilis. This unique twist spices up my sugar harvest, turning it into a delightful game of chance.

Golden Dreams: Doubling Delights and Blessings

For those seeking the Midas touch, the ‘Golden’ sugar lump is a dream come true. Harvesting 2-7 lumps, it not only fills my coffers but also doubles the current cookies in my bank. As a bonus, it activates the coveted “Sugar blessing” buff, boosting the spawn rate of golden cookies by 10% for a blissful 24 hours. It’s a golden opportunity I wouldn’t dare to miss.

Meaty: A Flavorful Grandmapocalypse Twist

In the midst of the Grandmapocalypse, the ‘Meaty’ sugar lump adds a savory twist to my harvest. With a chance to produce 0-2 lumps, its occurrence is a rollercoaster influenced by the Grandmapocalypse stage. From 0% in the calm before the storm to 30% in the chaos of Grandmapocalypse stage 3, the Meaty lump keeps my sugar adventure flavorful.

Unveiling the Coalescing Lump: Mystery in the Mix

While not explicitly mentioned, the enigmatic coalescing lump lurks within the sugar lump hierarchy. A mysterious entity hinted at through factors influencing sugar lump types, it holds the potential to add an extra layer of excitement to my sugar harvesting escapades.

Decoding Chance Values: Navigating the Unpredictable

To master the art of sugar lump harvesting, understanding chance values is key. These values, shrouded in secrecy within the source code, dictate the likelihood of encountering specific sugar lump types. Navigating this unpredictability adds an exhilarating dimension to my cookie-clicking endeavors.

The Sugar Lump Table: A Comprehensive Overview

Let’s break down the sugar lump types, their harvest specifics, secondary effects, chance values, and unique identifiers in a neat table:

NameHarvest (when successful)Secondary EffectsChanceID
Normal1 lumpNone59.4% – 89.9%0
Bifurcated1-2 lumps; chance of 2 lumps = 55% if Sucralosia Inutilis is ownedNone10%; 10.5% if Sucralosia Inutilis is owned1
Golden2-7 lumpsCurrent cookies in bank is doubled, and a buff called “Sugar blessing” is activated, which increases the spawn rate of golden cookies by 10% for 24 hours0.1%2
Meaty0-2 lumpsNone0% (Grandmapocalypse stage 0); 10% (Grandmapocalypse stage 1); 20% (Grandmapocalypse stage 2); 30% (Grandmapocalypse stage 3)3

Conclusion-Free Sweetness

As I navigate the growth cycles, chance values, and unique characteristics of each sugar lump, my cookie empire is destined to flourish. The sweetness of each click becomes a symphony, creating a harmonious blend of delight in the vast landscape of sugar lump possibilities.

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